The Deliciously Easy Cupcake Cookbook

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The Deliciously Easy Cupcake Cookbook is filled with everything you’d need to know to make the best cupcakes. Amazing tips walking you―in detail―through every step of the recipe . . . ensure that you get the best results for your cupcakes every time. The book is filled with delicious recipes, from classics like yellow cupcakes with chocolate buttercream to amazing twists on drinks, cakes, and other desserts―lemon meringue cupcakes anyone? I can’t wait to bake my way through this whole cook book, one tasty recipe at a time!”―Aimee Berrett, author of 50 Fixes for Brownie Mixes

“If you are looking for a cupcake cookbook, look no further. The Deliciously Easy Cupcake Cookbook is the only cookbook you’ll need. The author, Jesseca Hallows, has covered all of your bases with cupcake classics like red velvet, chocolate, and confetti cupcakes; fun new flavors like Butterbeer and Pineapple Upside Down cupcakes; and tips and tricks to help ensure your cupcakes are delicious. Hallows’ recipes never disappoint, and her latest cookbook is no exception.”―Rachael Hutchings, founder and creator of La Fuji Mama

“I’ve been raving about Jesseca’s cupcakes for years! I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying cupcakes baked by the expert herself and have also recreated some of Jesseca’s wonderful recipes in my own kitchen. There’s no shortage of tips, hacks, and shortcuts in this book to empower the reader to bake a successful & delightful cupcake!”―Yvonne Feld, founder of the recipe blog

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ou don’t need to be an expert baker to be a superb cupcake maker. Providing friendly guidance and foolproof recipes, The Deliciously Easy Cupcake Cookbook will have you baking up delightfully fluffy, decadently flavored cupcakes in no time.

Whether you’re a beginning baker or have plenty of experience with a cupcake tin, The Deliciously Easy Cupcake Cookbook provides the best advice for everything from creaming and folding your batter to whipping up a perfect frosting or buttercream. Featuring 75 scrumptious cupcakes, this cupcake cookbook will help you master go-to recipes with simple flavors before advancing to more stylish sweets.

This cupcake cookbook includes:

  • Piece of (cup)cake―Discover how to prep like a pro, mix up a moist cake, and pipe a flawless frosting with this cupcake cookbook.
  • Bold baking―Spice up your cupcakes with stepped-up classics, uniquely tasty flavors, and grown-up creations (including boozy bakes!).
  • DIY decor―Top it off with fun fixings you already have on hand, like cake crumbs, cookies, fresh fruit, and candy pieces, for easy decorations that won’t take all day.

Baking your favorite treat has never been simpler with the easy recipes and effortless decorating tips of this cupcake cookbook.


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