Come Women’s Day, and the social media platforms shall stand rife with beautiful women’s day quotes and messages to inspire and empower women from all fields and corners From making the first coffee of the day to prep us for the day to reaching the moon and winning medals in Olympic, women are more than what we assume them to be. This Women’s Day, celebrate the beautiful woman of your life with some of the women’s day best quotes given below.

5 International Women’s Day Quotes for Strong Women

“You wouldn’t meet any woman who is powerful. They don’t exist”- Women are born multitaskers who can juggle her son’s algebra and manage a team of 500 employees together.

“A woman must be two things: Stylish and Savage- All that a woman needs to become is purely savage in all the phases of life and stylish enough for the crowd to follow.

“She is enough”- Not a woman, but a man needs her-. A woman is enough to run the world and rule over it.

“The question is who’s going to stop her and not who’s going to let her”- Women are unstoppable and are born to create magic. Neither can time nor can destiny stop her from achieving what she wants.

“When she raises her voice, the world comes to a standstill”- We often mistake a woman’s silence to be her weakness, however, her protests are equivalent to thundering bolts that can bring havoc to the world.

5 Women’s Day Best Quotes for Mom

“Cheers to mothers who raise warriors and not daughters”- Here’s raising a toast to all the Godly moms who raised befitting warrior girl children to battle out life’s complexities alone.

“Mothers leave a spark wherever they go”- Irrespective of where and what they do, mothers always tend to leave behind tones of magic dust for others to pick and preserve.

“I have a superwoman named Mom”- Aren’t mothers synonymous with all things ‘super’? From handling the kitchen to the office, she is no less than a superwoman.

“To tell a mother everything she cannot do is to tell her what she can”- Mothers as we grew up watching and believing, are strong enough to take up all the odds and fight them off like a pro.

“I am a mother. What’s your superpower?’- Being a mother alone qualifies for being something divine and supernatural. 

5 Women’s Day Quotes for Daughter

‘Don’t worry about me. I was raised to shatter the glass ceilings and not stay in them”- Mothers are now raising daughters to break the stereotypes and live a life of their own.

“I was raised to think I breathe fire”- Mothers no more raise their daughters to do laundry but to breathe fire and make their voices heard.

“My mother ensured I had no limits to my dreams and achievements”- Daughters who grew up being helped with their dreams are capable of achieving all the hardships in life.

“Some days I am clueless on how I’ll do it, but my mother helps get it done every single day”-No matter how hard a job might appear, if you have the back of a mother, even the scariest of devils are feared away.

“I was taught to love my darkness, to live my greatness”- Daughters who are taught to embrace the darkness have an abundance of greatness coming their way.

5 Top Quotes for Women’s Day for Girlfriend

“If you wish something done, ask your girlfriend”- Girlfriends are no less than supernatural beings who can get things done in a jiffy. Just ask for it!

“A beautiful lady doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself”- Women need not get inspired, they are inspired and powerful enough to empower other women.

“A toast to my badass girlfriend”- Let’s celebrate the love of the kickass girlfriend you have who steals kisses in public and kicks asses of those who dare to look back at you.

‘Savage since birth”- From splitting the share at dine-outs to always having your back, your savage girlfriend surely deserves more love.

‘Girl of the day’- All that a woman really needs to get going is some motivation, courage and some love.

5 Women’s Day Quotation for Sister

“Nevertheless, she smiled”- Here’s to rock-strong sisters who kept smiling through the tears and keeps fighting through the oddities and hatred.

“Just a woman cheering other women”- A cheered up woman always believes in picking up other women and adjusting their fallen crowns.

“Everything I am, I owe to you”- Whatever little you could achieve or whatever you are couldn’t have been possible sans their constant support.

“There’s no buddy like a sister”- Sisters see you crying over lost love and help you come back to life with their unmatched support and affinity.

“Cheers to the strength of our sisterhood”- There’s no relationship more powerful and beautiful than sisterhood.

This 8th of March, shower your best wishes and love for the woman of your life with some of these strong and heart-touching women’s day quotes and exciting gifts for women’s day. Remind the women of the power they hold within. 

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